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Tall Travel Guides: One Week in Tokyo - with bonus information for vegans

Karen Jennings

So you’re thinking about going to Tokyo? That’s a great idea. And you’re planning on seeing it all in a week? That’s not such a great idea…Tokyo is HUGE! But One Week in Tokyo will help you work out where to go and what to see.

With over 200 black and white photos (you’ll see Japan in full colour when you get there), links to useful websites and maps, and lots of advice from a fellow tourist, this guide will enable you to make the most of your time in this interesting, sometimes frustrating, mega-city. 

When you’re in need of a break from big-city life One Week in Tokyo will help you find rest and relaxation in lakeside resorts, or explore shrines, temples and historic buildings in nearby towns. 

 There’s practical advice on issues such as where to stay, when to go, how to use the train and subway lines, and how to find delicious food (even if you’re vegan). There’s also cultural advice on a range of topics from onsen etiquette to getting help if you’re sick.

Tall Travel Tales: Japan. Tokyo, Takayama and Beyond

Karen Jennings

"I've always wanted to go to Japan." For over twenty years this mantra was uttered after every Kurasawa movie, during every Japanese dinner and upon returning home after every holiday. Until finally, one evening after watching the classic Japanese movie Tampopo, something happened. As the movie drew to an end he turned to his wife and sighed deeply. "I've always wanted to go to Japan..." Much to his surprise, she replied "So let's go!" His 50th birthday was looming on the horizon and it seemed like the perfect time to buy some extra-legroom seats on a plane, spread their wings and fly away. After joining up with a small band of fellow adventurers, two British-Canadians headed off to the land of the rising sun to experience the delights of bullet trains, bento boxes, communal baths and eating pancakes on Mount Fuji. Told with gentle humour, this is the story of their trip to Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Kawaguchiko. Grab a pot of green tea or a bottle of sake, curl up in your favourite armchair and experience the journey for yourself from the comfort of your own home. Beautiful photographs in every chapter will help guide you on your way, and at the end you will find yourself sighing "I want to go to Japan."


Tall Travel Tales: India. Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan and Rats

Karen Jennings

India. The land of the Maharajas, spicy food and Holy cows. A country known for its open sewers, extreme poverty and crazy drivers. What kind of person would want to go there on holiday? Somebody who wanted to eat a curry in its homeland. Brave the crowded streets of Delhi. Sleep in a tent in the desert. Walk barefoot in a temple inhabited by hundreds of rats.  Somebody like Karen. So she booked herself and her bemused husband on a tour with a small adventure travel company and did all of these things and more. India was a wild, exciting, dirty, frustrating country. Is she pleased she went? And, perhaps more importantly, would she ever go back? Grab a cup of chai tea and a pakora or two, settle back in your favourite chair and find out for yourself as you read about her adventures in Tall Travel Tales: India. Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan and Rats.